Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Om Sree Ganeshay Namah

Auspicious day today...Ganesh Chaturthi. My family & me wish all of You & your Families & Friends a very happy Ganesh Chaturthi. As of now, I am Jaipur & I miss the pandals, the crowds, the bhajans, the music, the rains, the traffic jams + diversions, the works. 

Reminds of the times, when people, not necessarily devotees, but nonetheless people who have some amount of Faith in GaneshJee. Gods have to compete with each other in India (sort of). They head departments - of Life, Death, Knowledge, Wealth, Health, Water, Fire, Air, Universe, you name it there is God for it.  . So, you might think how come there is competition when everything is categorized & Gods management is so compartmentalized. Believe it or leave it, there is. Without running the risk of breaking any protocol, I would refrain from naming any God here. I am not realkly God fearing but I am a believer. People approach different Gods on different days of the week, They fast on some particular days if the week, on festivals, time frames like Navratri, Saawan, etc. I have hardly ever fasted in life. But yes, I appreciate the people who do. Just prayed to GaneshJee w while ago. I think it's good. I like it.